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  • Top-class quality

    We provides top class website designing, development services and SEO services.
  • Great cost savings

    We specialize in providing Cheap, Affordable Website Design, SEO,
    Print Media Design Solutions.
  • Security and confidentiality

    At CDL, all the security measures are kept in mind to keep your information secured.

Welcome to CDL

A guaranteed and experienced professional company who is always ready to aid all types of Corporate Website Designing, Application Development, Search Engine Marketing and Mobile Applications. In today's scenario every company needs an effective website that can be their face to the world.

We authorize the professionals in our hands to be able to give expert solutions which will definitely satisfy all the required needs of our clients and has thus helped us to be one of the best software companies in India.

Being in relation with a perfect solution offering company like us assures you following promises along:

  • The promises made by us and the technology we provide are simply unmatched with any other companies here.
  • The technology we use is what blends with your business attributes and create magic later.
  • There can be absolutely no compromise with the work you want form us and we give you.

The ever hard working team of ours is ready to have your success path easy to tread once the solutions you start experiencing the way they are.

Our Technical Expertise

Java/j2ee development

The well known fact of the Java programming language is that it is set off a new horizon for the software companies. This being the most preferred tool for making the websites this language has to achieve huge. This being safe and an excellent choice the code confine the Java Virtual Machine. This is developed for the continuous encouraging of the robust programmers.


We are also the expert hands in building the sites of the eCommerce activities like the shopping carts and the ecommerce store front. The custom websites for the purpose of ecommerce is definitely going to satisfy you with great reasons so as to have the inputs of the visitors in more quantity and aid your website to climb higher in ranking.

ASP.NET Development

The ASP.NET is actually a development framework in order to build up the web pages and the websites which are intended for the various companies. There are many applications that can be made with the help of ASP.NET seamlessly. It is the next era and version of the existed ASP. We offer you good web services with ASP.NET where in you can have the perfect changes all at a time around the globe on your website.

Core PHP Programming

The comprehensive tutorial to any of the scripting languages is done with the help of this program and we provide the best form of CORE PHP Programming for any of your business so as to customize it to your convenience in our way and help you lead better with prospects that lay success.

Python Development

content for python development goes here

Search Engine Optimization

When searching for the apt SEO organization, it is appealing to select any organization willing to provide assured SEO solutions. It is individual instinct - everyone loves an assurance. This maintains especially real for buys where the client is buying something outside of his or her area of relaxation. Through the services in mobile the format have become simpler with CDL intervening.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

But we offer you a promised service that will lead you to various ranking posts in the online search engines and your traffic will be raised by numbers in many. Whenever you are willing to look for a prosperous nature of the regardless service then giving them at the bets is what we do at CDL enthusiastically. Regarding the rates and prospectus you can surely approach us anytime.

Product Branding

In order to extend the business products to various sites and areas of marketing CDL will help you the way it has to go all through the globe that will ensure your reach to many clients at a time. Your product brand also remains intact though.

Blog Marketing & Managing

When firms first consider seeking SEO as a prospective promotion route, particularly when there is a continuous cost engaged, they get a feeling of relaxation from buying "guaranteed SEO." Unfortunately, with many SEO organizations, this assurance in the assurance is ill-placed. With the blogs that you create you can extend the surveys of your business and CDL will like to help in the same way.

iPhone / iPad - Development

As companies start cellular database integration in order to fulfill business needs (whether it be Symbian, android, iPhone, BB, Windows Mobile progression, or whatever), a number of specifications to a cellular foundation appear. We at CDL are ready with precious iPhone applications and developers. These are created by ou special experts and professionals.

J2ME Application Development

The combination of the JVM and other sets of the Java APIs th applications we develop are the same that your mobiles demand for. The J2ME used in many of the devices are starting from the ranges of industries and companies to the mobile sets and even the set top boxes for your ease.

Android Development

The most crucial of them to name some are desktop application integration, minimizing traffic between the mobile and server, multitasking, low total cost ownership etc. so we at CDL prove to be an active platform provider in terms of the mobile solutions anytime. The latest android services being the most used are a must in the smart phones to make you smarter as a user.

BlackBerry Application Development

The applications which are used in the Blackberry phones are quite distinct and are useful for each and all the business personnel across the globe to make their job easy with their mobiles in hand. Be it the calendar set up, file manager and any business related applications for Blackberry the info you need in your mobile fed will be readily helped for through us at CDL.


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